Lad spanking by martinet and belt Gera 22


Length: 25,5 minutes


Lad spanking by martinet and belt video. The star of this video is a sexy Russian boy Gera 22 years old. One of our fans offers us to meet in the Russian sauna for a spanking session. We will call him Guest and we offered Gera to join us to be our victim spankee. Gera has a slim and sporty body. Sure he has a very sexy ass that needs to be spanked. During our sauna time Guest decided to give a good spanking for our lad and it will be hardest spanking by martinet and belt.

The punishment begins. First of all Gera strips and he lay down on the long wood bench. As we think it’s a better position for lad to receive a really hard spanking by martinet, belt or any other cruel devices. The punishments begins and first hits are falling on the bare ass of young Russian boy. As you can see in this video, that wasn’t easy for Gera to suffer this punishment. He’s moaning , crying and asking for a break. Just look at his eyes where you can see the real tears of pain. Finally when the punishment was done, the Gera’s ass was totally covered by the deep scars. The ass was blue-red colored after good thrashing.

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