Boy torso flogging Gera 22


Length: 14,5 minutes


Boy torso flogging video we invite you to admire with our sexy lad from Russia – Gera 22. As a matter of first importance, let us reveal to you how this video was recorded. One of our fans offers us to meet in the Russian sauna for a punishing meeting. We will call him Guest. From our huge determination of models he chose to hit Gera. This fellow is hot Russian boy 22 years of age. He had a thin however lively body. Sure he has an exceptionally attractive ass that should be hit. During our sauna time Guest chose to rebuff Gera.

First of all, bare Gera is laying down on the bench. His poor boy torso is opened for the hard flogging punishment by our Master. The gay torso whipping begins and first hits are falling. The whip stings the thin chest skin of our young lad. Boy begins to moan. That’s painful punishment, making pain for our poor boy. Secondly boy is the standing up position. It’s also not easy to suffer the torso flogging for this young boy in this opened position. But there is no any other way and he had to suffer this whipping.

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