Boy spanking Razor Strap, Martinet, Cane


Length: 29 minutes


Boy spanking by razor strap, martinet and cane will get now young sporty boy Shurik 21.  He’s a nice Siberian lad and he will get now the hardest spanking by different devices. Young Shurik was punished many times by his father , but now it’s the other situation. He must overcome throught the hardest corporal punishment by our cruel Master. First he’s stripping and we look at his sexy muscular bottom. This butts now will get now the sadisctic spanking. This male to male spanking begins from one of the hardest devices – the razor strap. Boy spanking with a razor strap begins and young lad is trying to be calm, but just after few hits he’s moaning. It’s really hard to get the spanking on the bare ass by the razor strap. Our Master puts all power into every hit.

Just imagine what kind of pain is suffering the young sporty Siberian lad. But it’s just the beginning of corporal punishment procedure…Secondly, Master is gettin the martinet to make boy to feel a different pain. In fine the martinet is falling on the helpless boy’s ass. Hits of martinet boy is feeling just like a crazy hardest wave of pain, of pain, that will not stop. The pain that is making him to suffer. In addition, the pain, that is coloring his ass into the red-blue color.  Now Shurik can’t show Master that he’s a big boy. He’s moaning and shouting during the spanking.

Finally, after the razor strap spanking and martinet, boy will meet another device – the wood cane. Sure the enduring, sharp strokes of the cane make them inhale hard and trembling automatically. The cane leaves the best scars on the boy’s ass.  After the razor strap stranking and martinet the cane is cuts the skin like a sharp knife. Finally, after the cane the ass bleeds.

Boy spanking by razor strap

Talking about the Siberian morals let us ensure you that in many Siberian families the corporal punishments for boys are still very popular. The discipline technique relies upon dad’s decision. In numerous families fathers are utilizing the hand punishing or belting. For exampe, the birching, caning and rice bowing are well known disciplines in some little towns. In this way, Siberian kid are getting genuine whippings. Sometimes cruel father are using the razor strap spanking for boys.

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