Hard spanking and whipping for Soldier Oleg 20 y.o. SALE!

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Length: 52 minutes


Crazy sale offer! – 35%

Young and brutal Russian soldier became submissive afore our Master, who wants to start the spanking. Our Master’s hand is strong and he’s doing everything to hear the soldier’s moans and howl. After the spanking he had to stand on the knees, absolutely bare, while the Master admires his beaten red ass. After that – he’s getting the cruel belt spanking, he’s laying down on different pieces of furniture and suffers. His body sweat, legs shaking after each stroke, teeth clenched…but cry escapes from his throat. Ass is covered by red deep scars – not less than one week, the soldier can not normally sit after this spanking, we promise. And finally – the back whipping. Whipping procedure is long, Master is changing the speed of whipping and large and muscular back is covering by long bruises.

Normal price for 3 videos – 19.99+19.99+12.99 = 52.97 USD.

You pay – 34.99 USD!