The spy must suffer – Back whipping of russian boy 21 y.o.


Length: 9 minutes


Young Russian boy Antoha 21 y.o. was founded in the secret Russian mafia warehouse by the worker and he led him to the head of the warehouse to decide – what to do with the young spy or thief? Criminal community in Russia is very severe and they will not let for the young lad to stole anything from the warehouse. But the head of the warehouse also had to know, maybe the boy is not the thief, maybe he’s spy from the police? Guys decided to torture the boy by the whipping his back by the skipping rope. The young thief is standing behind the stairs ladder and the young mafia worker is holding his hands. The whipping makes the young thief to scream and cry, because the skipping rope strokes is the most cruel way how to torture a boy in Russia.