Straight Zhenya 21 y.o. – Hand spanking


Length: 13 minutes


Meet our new guy – straight Zhenya 21 y.o. from East of Russia. He just arrived in Moscow he was needed to rent a flat or room to live, but it’s not easy to rent it when you are poor and just looking for your first job. We find his CV with a title “urgently looking for any job” and we offered him a deal – spank his ass. He told that he was spanked by his dad just till 12 y.o. by hand and belt. So we decided to spank his ass again! First slaps through jeans, then through shorts – he’s feeling shame. And when Master ordered him to take off his panties he was red with shame being naked and laying down on other guys knees who is spanking his nice bubble butt. Master ordered him to change positions making his ass skin to be strained to feel each spank more painful.