Russian boy torso flogging Dimka 23


Length: 10,0 minutes



Russian boy torso flogging for Dimka 23 we offer you in this clip. During this video you will see a hard corporal punishment. It will be the chest whipping for good and muscular Russian lad. This slim but sporty boy will face to the lashing of his chest , abs and all torso. Before starting the punishment we ordered him to strip. At the start of the clips you can admire his sexy and muscules. Sure you will how this young boy will suffer the torso flogging and we are sure that this Russian lad will take it like a man.  How you can see our sadistic Master decided to use the whip for the punishment of boy’s torso.

That’s time to start flogging the torso of the poor Russian boy. First hits falls on the naked body of young lad. During the first minutes of the corporal punishment boy is trying to be calm. But it’s not easy not to moan when the whip stings the nipples. Sure lad  begins to moan and a little bit to cry. How you see the Master is paiting a good red-colored picture on the boy’s torso. During the Russian boy torso flogging Master is ordering to a change the positions to open different parts of his body for the whipping. At the end of the punishment boy’s torso is covered by the scars after this cruel flogging.

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