Russian boy spanking by hand and kneeling


Length: 20,0 minutes


Russian boy spanking by the hand and kneeling on the buckwheat corporal punishment. Now we offer you to watch a good demonstration of home corporal punishments. Our sexy and young Russian lad Andryuha 18 years old will get now the spanking by the hand and after that the kneeling on the buckwheat. You will see how this young boy will get a severe hand spanking and his flaming sexy ass will get a good lesson.

Before starting of the punishment, our young lad is sitting and waiting for beginning. He’s just in shorts and his torso is naked. You can see a little bit shame and fear in his pure eyes. But it’s normal to feel it because he’s waiting now to get the corporal punishment by the other man. First , Master enteres and order young boy to lay down other his knees. Russian boy spanking begins through shorts but after few moments Master decided to continue spanking on the underwear. Finally, Master is stripping young boy now this poor totally naked boy is laying down OTK and gets his ass spanking.

Sure Master is spanking young in full force. He wants to give a good lesson for this boy. You can ask a lesson for what? For nothing! It’s a prevention spanking for this Russian boy. All boys needs to get the spanking sometimes. After the hand spanking Master ordered young boy to stand on the buckwheat. This the additional corporal punishment for boys, also popular in Russian such as the ass spankin.

Russian boy spanking and more

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