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F.A.Q. about Members Area

How is your Members Area Subscribtion different from the other websites? Why is it profitable?

We offer for our Members a free access to download 10 unique monthly updated videos from different categories. The normal total price for this videos are about $160-200 and you will see also the second 10 videos after monthly update (updates not depends on your membership start date) and it’s also videos for total price $160-200.
It means, that you will get videos in total amount about $320-400 only for $49.99/month.
Also, if you purchase SILVER (30 days) or GOLD (90 days) or BLACK (180 days) membership you will also get a disount for video store 20% or 30% or 40% and additional monetary coupon for $5.00 or $25.00 or $50.00 . You can use this coupons for any other videos of our video store.

Members Area clips are available for download?

Yes, all 10 clips in Members Area are available for free download. We offered

What kind of clips will be in Members Area?

We provide for our members 10 unique clips updating every month.
Clips are from different categories (hand spanking, belting, caning, birching, back whipping, bastinado, torso whipping etc.) to satisfy all tastes of our subscribers.
We select random clips from different categories and different time periods of our Studio (since 2016).

Is there any extra benefits for members?

Yes, we offer of our members additional benefits such as monetary coupons (up to $50.00) and discount (up to 40%) for our video store. The benefits depends on Members Plan (Silver, Gold or Black).

How the clips are updating in the Members Area?

We guarantee our subscribers that all 10 clips in Members Area will be fully updated in the 30 days period.
It means that for example we can change 5 old clips by new clips in first 2 weeks month and second 5 old clips in the second 2 weeks period of month. Or for example we can add 2-3 new clips each week. Or we will replace all to 10 clips by 10 new clips in one day of month. Anyway , we guarantee 10 new clips in Members Area every month.

How can I cancel the subcribtion?

You can cancel you subscribtion anytime. You can go to Cancel subscribtion page of our payment processing provider, enter there your email and bank card number and select there that you want to cancel subscribtion. Also, you can contact us and we will help you to cancel it.