Extremely belting of Boxer Nikita 18 y.o.


Length: 18 minutes


The extremely hard belting in different positions is getting the boxer Nikita. The belting includes strokes by the heavy metal badge of the belt by the bare ass includes dissection of the skin! We continue to punish the young boxer Nikita 18 y.o. He’s preparing for his first serious boxing fight and he wants to but the new equipment for start of his career as a boxer in light weight. His family is poor and parents can’t give to the boy money for the new uniform and boxing equipment. Nikita searched for fast money at the job-searching website, where he has found our offer to get the spanking for money. That wasn’t first spanking for this boy – he told us that he was spanked many times by his coach during the trainings, he told us about the positions and the devices that we was spanked by coach. We decided to repeat the coach’s punishments. The spanking is doing by the heavy army belt with metal badge strokes also. The young boxer had to suffer the punishment in different positions – on the sofa, on the bench and head fixed between the master’s feet. The spanking is very cruel for young boy, but he has no choice – he must suffer.