Juridical corporal punishment in Russia


Length: 18 minutes



Resolution of the district court Dima Ivanov 27 y.o. convicted of an offense under part 1 of Article 12.26 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (driving the car after alcohol drinking) with the appointment of an administrative fine in the amount of 30 000 rubles, and a corporal punishment of category “C” (3 level of cruelity spanking and whipping). Guided , Art. 12.26, Articles 30.1, 30.5-30.7 of the Administrative Code,


Resolution of the district in the case of an administrative offense under part 1 of Article 12.26 of the Code of Administrative Offences against Dima Ivanov 27 y.o.does not change, his appeal complaint – not satisfy. Decision shall come into force imediatly upon proclamation and subject to immediate execution (cruel ass spanking by the heavy army belt). Second punishment (back whiping) execution in next month.

Video includes first person camera view