Hardest thrashing for Siberian Lad Ildar 24 y.o. by cane and belt


Length: 19 minutes


Ildar 24 y.o. was born in Siberia and he was spanked many times by his dad till 14 y.o. Dad used his large belt, canes and birchs. Now Russian muscular and brutal will get the hardest spanking again. In Master’s hand the belt and cane become a dangerous devices, delivering pain and suffers for young lad. Ildar is strying to be calm, trying to hide his pain, but he’s yelling and we see the sweat on his body and a little beat tears on his eyes. After the belt spanking the ass is one big blue color bruise, but the cane is the next device. Cane is scaring his already very well spanked ass and making lad to suffer new waves of pain. The steady, sharp strokes of the cane have him breathing hard and trembling involuntarily. Next week it will be difficult to sit down for this Russian Siberian lad.