Muscular Artemka 20 y.o. Boy Spanking – SALE!

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Length: 41 minutes


Artemka 20 y.o. is a muscular working-class guy from Belarus and this if first time to get a real boy spanking: belt spanking, hard belt spanking. For preparing for spanking boy is stripping and laying OTK, Master is holding him by the hair and the guy is trying to show us that he’s a man and he will not groan during the hand spanking. His sexy ass becomes red after the long hand spanking in different positions. After that his muscular ass will first time meet the belt pain. The belt spanking is so cruel, that he cant’ suffer it calm. Master is giving him a good spanking for boy by the heavy and large belt.  He’s shouting and asking us for breaks, but we don’t like breaks – we like see the young guy suffering pain. His ass is fully bruised after the punishment and we like this result of a spanking. And finally the back whipping. Master is giving him a good thrashing by the whip and his back is coverinig by the long scars. That was a really hard boy spanking video.

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