Farmer’s Bedroom paddle and hand spanking for Dimas 23 y.o.


Length: 12 minutes


In this video we recreate how the young russian boy Dimas 23 y.o. was spanked by his father when he was about 15 y.o. Dimas lives in the village in the remote place of Russia and all his family is working in the farm and Dimas too. The spanking was an ordinary way of punishment in the farmer’s family and Dimas was spanked many times in the barn, laying down on the haystacks or in his bedroom. Dimas told us in the details, how we was spanked by his father in the time when he was younger. Based on his stories we offered him to repeart his father’s punishment and to recreate one of most frequent punishments – spanking in the bedroom by hand and paddle. He was spanked by his dad laying down on the bed and othe the knees of his father. After a long hand spanking, by big farmer’s hand, the dad take the paddle and give another some hard strokes to his son’s ass.