Back flogging lad Gera 22


Length: 16,0 minutes


Back flogging for Russian lad Gera 22 you will see in this really extreme video. First of all you need to know that this back whipping is one of the harderst back flogging videos of our studio. You will how poor Russian boy is getting the corporal punishment on his back. As you can see our victim is naked and he’s laying down on the wood punishment bench. His legs are tied to the bench but back is free to show you how his body will dance during the hits of the whip.

There are 2 masters who will punish this lad. Sure they want to give a really hard back flogging for him. During this whipping the boy is crying. As you see in the video, our lad is suffering a really hard pain. Each hit of the whip stings his back like a crazy wild hornet. That’s really not easy to suffer this so long and hard flogging of the back. But Gera is trying to do all to endure this crazy hardest pain. Just take a look at his back after the punishment. All back is covered by the lond scars. This scars have a red to blue color. The thin skin of the back will remember this corporal punishment for a long time.

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