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Boys spanking videos you can watch on male corporal punishments specialized website Rus Straight Guys Spanking. We provide you the best quality spanking videos in category Spanking M/M, including the gay spanking and straight guys spanking. You can watch hardest boys spanking videos on Rus Straight Guys Spanking. We offer you a large selection of all methods of corporal punishments. At first you can choose between hand spanking and belt spanking, caning and bastinado, back whipping and torso whipping. You can go our video store and select your preferable corporal punishment method. In each video you will see real pain , real suffers and real skin scars. Our gay spanking videos collection will satisfy any taste. We are completely different from other spanking websites because we provide not just high quality gay bdsm content, but we are providing you scenes which will really increase your pulse rate. Really hard male flogging and boys lashing videos you can get on our spanking m/m website. Sure, we offer some special content as a bastinado boys, or also it’s called falaka.

Boys spanking history

Russia is the country where the male corporal punishments was very popular. Lads got spanking everywhere – in families, in school, universities, army and even when simply worked poorly on farm of their laird. On our website you can find lot of spanking videos showing the history of corporal punishments in Russia. You will find domestic discipline methods: hand spanking, belting, caning and kneeling on rice in the corner. It means that the boys spanking is popular also in families. Also you will see lot of really cruel videos with 15-19th century punishment ways such as for example back whipping or torso whipping. Male flogging was very popular punishment. Surely we have not forgotten about the brutality of oriental part of Russian punishments. That is why you can watch lot of high quality boys bastinado videos. Surely we could not ignore the serfs spanking in villages, when cruel laird punished their peasants.

Straight lads spanking and bondage

Straight lads spanking is one of our favourite time-spending way. Let us explain, why we prefer to punish exactly straight boys? That’s so interesting you admire not just the pain of a guy, but also a shame. Sure the male flogging is a really muscular image. First of all, just imagine, what kind of shame is feeling the young sporty straight lad getting the spanking by the other man? He needs to strip behind him, needs to lay down on master’s knees. He’s suffering the spanking, for example, by the hand of other guy. How you understand, it’s really humiliating proccess for him. It means, that for straight lads it becomes not just a painful punishment, but it’s also a discipline by the shame. So, boys spanking is a really good discipline method. And it’s more interesting than the gay spanking to punish straight lads. Finally as a special gift for all bondage lovers, we can offer you our partner website – Discipline and Punish. Their you can watch lot of good boys bondaged and hogtied videos.

Boys bastinado

Also for all lovers of bastinado boys video we can offers a large selection of boy feets whipping videos. On our website’s category Boys bastinado there a lof of good caning on bare feets videos. Caning of boys bare feets was also popular punishment method in Russian history. Surely, it was more popular in the East part of country. Boys falaka is the hard corporal punishment way, when the master uses the belt or cane to hit his victim’s bare feets. It’s not the same as a classis boys spanking. The hits are falling on different part of foot: the ankles, the toes and the middle part of foot. This discipline will not leave any scars on the feet’s skin. But it will make a boy to suffer.