Russian Home Punishments – Caning for Athlete Egor 23 y.o.


Length: 18 minutes


Sporty Russian athlere Egor 23 y.o. tell told us how we was spanked by his father who used the cane many times. We recreated this punishment. First Egor is laying down on the bench – hard strokes, lot of screams, ass is already on fire but the thrashings is continuing. Then he leaned over a chair – screams, yells and Egor asking for a break, but there is no way out of spanking and Master don’t want to stop. Finally he’s standing on the chair – extremly painful position beacause the ass skin is stretched as much as possible and cane strokes became a big wave of extreme pain. The Master finally decides he has had enough, but on final sporty Russians’ ass is coverer by red-blue long bruises after the cane.