Prevention punishment in Russian Army – Belting of Oleg 20 y.o.


Length: 18 minutes


Smoking is a habbit which is trying to eradicate in Russian Army and punishments for prevention is one of the most popular way to do it. Sometimes this prevention spanking might be so severe as a punishment for serious breach of discipline. Soldier Oleg 20 y.o. is getting the cruel belt spanking, he’s laying down on different pieces of furniture and suffers. his body sweat, legs shaking after each stroke, teeth clenched…but cry escapes from his throat. He’s not a brutal soldier more, he’s poor lad getting spanking – that’s a good way to learn young lance-corporal not to smoke and to prevent any breachs of discipline. Spanking is long, Master is changing the speed of spanking, change positions and makes all that the ass will be covered by red deep scars – not less than one week, the soldier can not normally sit after this spanking, we promise.