Falaka boy Konstantin 23


Length: 13,5 minutes


Falaka boy Konstantin 23 y.o. you can watch in this video. Konstantin is a young biker, who is broking traffic rules many times. That is why our Master decided to give him a good feets whipping to learn him how to be a good biker. First of all, young boy takes off his sneakers and socks. Sure the feets must be bare to get the falaka punishment. Guy is setting out, his feets now are open for the discipline. Cruel Master is utilizing the long wood cane for to punish boy by the falaka. Konstantin is attempting to be unemotional and quiet, yet it’s so troublesome on the grounds that Master needs to see his endures during the feets caning. He’s stroking all the parts of his feets. Each stroke conveys part of torment.

Second piece of discipline Master ordered him to sit on the chair and lift up his feets , so his ABS is straned however he should keep his feets up getting the strokes by the stick. That is a hard agony, dreadful torment however he should endure it. Falaka boy punishment is a real cruel procedure for young men. During the falaka boy is attempting to be quiet, however it is difficult. Cruel hits are falling on his heels, his toes and the center of the foot. Master is caning his feets hard, making him feel torment on each piece of his feets. Young man is getting the bastinado suffering and moaning in the second part of corporal punishment. It’s a challenge for him that he should overcome. Finally Master stopped the punishment. It was a really good lesson for young boy. It was first falaka for him, but it was a really good punishment.

Falaka boy punishment history

The bastinado is one on the successive utilized beating by the police. That since It’s agonizing, yet not makes scars on the body. On Wiki you can read also more info about history of falaka boy punishments.