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Tutor Chapter 1

Not too good day ended in complete disaster. Sergey Vladimirovich found out about Sashkin’s absenteeism of tutoring sessions, which he must have attended after school. And it was necessary for such a thing to happen that today his tutor met Anna Petrovna, the chemistry tutor.

Usually Sergei Vladimirovich does not often communicate with Sashkin tutors. He is quite enough to contemplate a serious guy’s face for preparing lessons. Until that ill-fated moment, the man was sure that the boy’s academic performance had no complaints. Today, Anna Petrovna completely dispelled this myth, and Sasha was waiting for a serious conversation.

Sasha was a 15-year-old teenager. For more than a year he lived with Sergei Vladimirovich in the house and felt quite comfortable here, even began to forget his joyless and hungry existence, which he dragged after his mother’s death, homelessly begging on city streets and the market square.

In the house the guy turned out to be by chance and was grateful for the chance given to him. Sergey Vladimirovich treated him in a fatherly way, took great care and tried to surround him with homely warmth and care. Apart from minor teenage pranks, Sasha also tried to be obedient and not to give his guardian a lot of trouble. He was grateful to him for having so abruptly changed his life. Now the guy was not only secured present, but also the future. Sergey Vladimirovich was a successful bezsmenmen, kept a network of his own hotels in the city and unequivocally tried to attract Sasha to his business. Often after school, he took the boy with him to one of the hotels, giving him no hard tasks to perform. Sasha turned out to be an intelligent guy and quickly studied, gaining experience.

But a teenager, there is a teenager … Having ceased to feel dizzy from hunger and lack of sleep and, having been satiated with expensive clothes, the guy rushed to search for adventures. Together with several friends, he hung around the courtyard and the nearby Internet cafes, pestered girls and local rockers … In short, he could kill his free, and sometimes not quite free, time. The moment of truth came unexpectedly.

Sergey Vladimirovich flew into Sashkin’s bedroom and, briefly outlining the conversation with the tutor, in a tone that does not bode well, said:
“Ten minutes waiting for you in my room!”
It was necessary to urgently come up with a logical explanation for their exploits. But the guy was hard to collect his thoughts. In my head did not climb anything. He again and again went through all sorts of options, but did not find a plausible excuse for his laziness.

For the umpteenth time, Sashka skipped these chemistry classes he hated. No, he certainly did not do it on purpose, he had other, no less important, things at that time, but would you explain this to Sergei … Does he understand what interesting things you can spend your time studying? For example, go with the Goblin in an Internet cafe and kill in a online game a couple of evil monsters. Did his guardian understand how important that moment was …?

We can not say that Sergei often punished Sasha. He was moderately strict, but not rarely did he forgive petty pranks to his pupil. But this time, Sashka was sure that Sergey would not rank the arrogant walking of Anna Petrovna’s lessons to petty mischief and prepared for the worst.
He got up and trudged over to the door. A bad feeling did not leave him all the way to Sergey’s room. He knocked, in the hope that there would be no one there. But in vain:
“Come in,” sounded from the inside.
Sasha entered, timidly trampled at the door and stalked to the sofa, which was not far from the entrance.

Come here! – strictly called him.
Sasha turned and walked over to the table where Sergei was sitting.

Do you have any explanations? – The question sounded tutor.

This happened by accident. I forgot about the lesson last week.


What are you so busy that you forgot?
Sasha was silent. Talking about Internet cafes is not worth it now.

And what, young man, happened to you the week before last? You missed three classes in the last month … Do not you think that your forgetfulness has passed all boundaries ?!
Sasha listened with his head down, toed his toed plain figures on the floor.

We will talk? – Sergey Vladimirovich asked again.

What to say? – Sasha answered quietly.

You have nothing to say? Where were you during classes with Anna Petrovna?

I do not remember…

Do not remember? Something you have with memory, I look going on lately !!! Sleroz in 15 years? Well, we will treat …
Sergey significantly stood up.

Get your jeans down on the sofa! – He ordered shortly, stretching the belt on his pants.
Sasha flinched, but continued to stand still.

Something is unclear !!! ??? – Sergey shouted.
“No, please,” the teenager said in a frightened manner, realizing the horror of the sentence, “I will never do it again …”

Did you misunderstand me? Or help you? – Sergey was adamant.
Sasha’s heart was pounding like mad. His forehead began to sweat, and his face was burning with shame. He could not raise his eyes to his caregiver.
“Please don’t,” he whispered again with his lips, realizing that there was no longer any choice, “Forgive me …”

Forgive? – Sergey raised his eyebrows and took a step towards the guy.
“I myself,” he said quickly, and clutched at his jeans. He knew that disobedience would only aggravate his fate.

The boy took off his belt, unzipped his jeans and slowly approached the sofa, supporting his pants with both hands. Looking frowningly at Sergei, he sighed, realizing that he had finished playing, and lay down on the sofa. The man waited, intently watching the actions of Sasha, with a leather belt, bent in half, hanging dangerously from his right hand. This tool of education Sasha has repeatedly tested on his ass. As a rule, science was in store and remembered for a long time. Therefore, Sergey used this method of punishment extremely rarely. But, apparently, this time Sasha’s blatant offense finally filled his patience. After all, he created a guy all the conditions, this street boy has a great chance to learn and find a decent job, but because of his unjustified laziness he wants to sink into the world of empty doors and garbage dumps again!
Burning with fair anger, Sergey Vladimirovich swung and the belt whistled down on Sasha’s buttocks.
“Yyyyy,” the guy jerked his whole body and buried his head in the sofa cushion.
The belt took off again.

Aaaaaa, – Sasha waggled his booty and clenched his fists tighter.

Do not yell! You know how to be lazy – be able to answer for their actions – the belt again fell on the boy’s ass.

I will never again-oo-oo-oo-oo! – Sasha’s voice broke into a scream.

Of course you will not! Get it now, as it should, then you will not …
Blows one after another rained down on the boy’s ass.

Please, hwa-a-atit …, – Sasha was already unbearable to lie under the endless beats of the belt. He tried to dodge to ease the pain in the buttocks.

Well, lie down! – followed the order, – And then I will add more rods!
From such a threat Sasha freezes on the couch and with might and main tries not to move. This is given to him with difficulty. His buttocks vibrate convulsively, like two separate creatures. He noisily draws air in his mouth and, swallowing tears, begs him to forgive. But Sergey, not paying attention to his pleas, continues to uniformly smack the teen’s already red ass.

Forgive me, please-aaa, – Sashka leaves no hope for pardon, – I am always-aaa, I will always go to all aaaaaaaaaaaa lessons ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I no longer bu-uu-udu to walk. It was the last ra-aaaz. Promise-aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
The guy’s voice breaks into tears and Sergei decides to take a breather. He moves away from the sofa, throws the belt on the table and sits down, catching his breath.

Sasha, wiping away tears, makes an attempt to rise from the couch …

I allowed you to get up ?! – Sergey stares at his pupil and he again falls on the sofa cushion.

Please forgive me. I promise that never again, – Sasha sobs and looks plaintively at Sergei, – Well, please, I beg … It hurts me a lot …

Painfully? Right … It should be so. Next time you will think with your head, not your booty …
Sergey gets up and spanking continues. For swollen scars, the whipping can be a little weaker, it still turns out quite noticeable and impressive. Sergey again lowers the formidable instrument of punishment on the bottom of his pupil, but with less force. He got a little cold from just anger, and Sashkin’s tears still could not help but soften his heart. Ten last blows fall on the teenager’s buttocks and Sergey tucks the belt back into his pants.
Sasha, howling and sobbing, squinted, with undisguised joy, watching his actions. He understands that his sufferings are over, but he does not dare stand up, waiting for permission. He doesn’t want any more trouble on his ass.
“Get up,” comes the long-awaited order.
The guy gets up hurriedly and tries to pull jeans with swimming trunks on his streaked ass. In contact with a rough cloth, the priest sores a little and aches, but Sashka is forced to endure. He understands that this is the inevitable result of such an execution.
“You are not kicked out of the house, today you are punished,” says the guardian’s phrase already at the door.
Frustrated by this statement, the guy heads to the bedroom, kicking a leather ottoman on the road with anger, as if it were he who was to blame for all Sasha’s troubles. Having entered to himself, the guy falls down on the bed and, sitting down on a soft fleecy cape, pulls out a book, which he began but did not finish reading last week …
Sasha was allocated a separate, rather spacious room, in which there was a comfortable wooden bed, a large wall rack full of books and textbooks, a large desk near the window, a computer and a double wardrobe. In the middle of the room there was a huge multicolored carpet with long, neatly combed villi, the walls around the bed were plastered with assorted posters of guys with guitars, rockers and bikini girls. Sasha loved his room and felt calm in it. Any vicissitudes of fate were transferred much easier in the company with a favorite book and an indispensable computer.

Ten minutes later, Sergei glanced into the room. Sasha guiltily glanced at him under his brows and again buried himself in his reading matter. A man came and sat down at the edge of the bed. Guy reluctantly put down the book and looked at his guardian.

What are you doing? – He asked, as if not noticing that Sasha was busy reading.
“Oh, nothing,” the boy answered.
“Then let’s go eat,” suggested Sergey.

I’m not hungry.

Why? What did you eat?

Nothing. I’m just not hungry …
Sergey stared at Sasha and laid his hand on his shoulder.

Let’s go, let’s go … Resentment is a bad reason for a hunger strike.

I am not offended, it just hurts me …

Does it hurt a lot?
“Strong,” said the teenager, sulkily.

Do not lie. I didn’t punish you too much. For your offense you were supposed to pour more. And it was generally half-power …
“It depends on how strong …” Sasha grumbled and turned away from the wall.

Come here, – Sergey pushed the boy towards him and put his arm around his shoulders, – do not force me to punish you more, and then everything will be all right. Okay? – he leaned over and tried to look the guy in the eye. – Agreed?
Sasha could never take offense at his tutor for a long time, especially since this time he, by and large, was right. The guy straightened his fringe on his forehead and, lifting his eyes, nodded: