Waiter Roman 18 y.o. – FULL punishment


Length: 34 minutes


Roman is 18 y.o. russian boy from the north part of the country. While working as a waiter in the restaurant of our friends, he smoked cigarettes everytime during his working day and the guests of restaurants feel the smell of cigarettes from him. Lot of times manager told him not to smoke, but no results and he told him that he would fire him. Young waiter has no choice and asked manager to punish him by all ways that manager wants and manager asked our Master to help him. Young waiter Roman is getting hand spanking, belting, bastinado and hand palms spanking. The guy also is doing physical exercises during the punishment. This is a good punishment for the bad russian waiter. After the punishment he will remember how to be a good employee.

Your profit – you buy FULL version for 39.99 USD and not for 49.97USD. This FULL version includes 3 clips:

  • No Smoking Roman 18 y.o. Hand spanking (11.99 USD)
  • No smoking 2 Roman 18 y.o. Belting (19.99 USD)
  • Training bastinado and hand palms spanking for waiter 18 y.o. (16.99 USD)