Soldier Nikitych 19 y.o. Interview and Hand spanking. Russian home punishments series.


Length: 16 minutes


Russian Home punishments is a new series of clips when we recreating the traditions of Russian home’s punishments based on stories of the guys.

Nikitych 19 y.o. is a Russian soldier and he was invited in our studio for an interview about how he was spanked by his parents. He tell us in details about cruel punishments by his father and we recreating one of the most light punishment way – the hand spanking. His father spanked him by hand just in case of some little violotation of discipline – broke the dishes, did not walk the , did not water the flowers etc. So we recreating this light way of punishment but with all severity of our Master. Our loyal customers knows that the hand spanking by our Master is also very painful procedure for young boys and heavy muscular hand of Master Nikitych’s ass became bright red color.

Before this video you can watch the interview of Nikitych about favourite ways of punishments of Nikitych’s father. Includes simultaneous translation Russian to English.