Muscular Belarus guy Artemka 20 y.o. – Hand Spanking


Length: 13 minutes


Artemka 20 y.o. is a muscular working-class guy from Belarus, who was never been spanked before. He’s a newcomer in our studio and his muscular ass will first time meet the pain, at the beginning by the hand of our Master. He’s stripping and laying OTK, Master is holding him by the hair and the guy is trying to show us that he’s a man and he will not groan during the hand spanking. But for the Master it’s a big passion to make a straight guy, who was never spanked before, to moan and to cry. His sexy ass becomes red after the long hand spanking in different position and it was a very curious experience for this young Belarus guy – he was punished like a young unruly boy and after the spanking he had to stand on his knees as an additional punishment.