Boy otk spanking by hand Rusik 18


Length: 11,0 minutes


Boy otk spanking video you can watch with our new lad Rusik. He’s 18 years old and he will get now the first time spanking in his life. He was never been spanked before, that is why it will be a new experience for him. First , you can see our young boy naked and just the underwear covers his ass. He’s in the sauna with Master who is waiting for the time to start the otk gay spanking for this sexy young lad. He wants to give a good lesson for his ass and to spank it by his firm hand. Before the punishment young Rusik is feeling a little bit shame and fear because it will be his first time otk spanking. But there is no way out punishment and the gay otk spanking begins.

First of all, Master begins to spank Rusik throw the underwear and just after a minute of spanking he takes off his black pants. Now our boy’s bubble bottom is naked and ready to get more and more hits the strong hand of our Master. Boy OTK spanking continues on the bare ass and Rusik is suffering more and more painful hits. Finally his ass begins to change the color and sure it’s satisfying our cruel Master. During the otk spanking, Master is changing the positions of young boy, opening his young ass to viewers by the different points. How you see the boy is trying to be calm. Sure it’s not so easy, because Master is spanking his ass in full force and he wants to make fore suffers for this lad.

Boy OTK spanking by hand more videos

Finally, we can also tell you some more information about the boys otk spanking tradition. How you already know, OTK is – over the knees spanking positions. Sure, it’s using more frequent for little boys and for teens. But sure it’s not a problem to punish also the bad teen boy in the OTK position. It will make him also to feel the shame during and the corporal punishmen. We know that he good mix of shame and pain feeling is a very good method for corporal punishment and discipline. Finally, we want to recommend to watch also some more videos with Boys hand spanking. You can find the all in the Boys hand spanking page of our store.

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